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Girl Enjoying her Drink

Will they be ready?

JosiahKids is interested in three distinct components of every child's personal growth and development.

I) First, the internal self leadership and infrastructure of a child's life: integrity, honesty, managing relationships, managing time, managing finances, attaining vision, setting goals, becoming a person of value.

II) We are also passionate about raising a generation of givers. Children who serve, who give of their time, who give value to others, who are compassionate, who serve their neighborhoods, schools and communities. Children who don't just seek to get, but who are passionate about finding ways to use their skills to serve those in need.


III) And lastly we are passionate about raising children who are properly grounded in their faith and convictions. Children who are getting a good education should also be growing in wisdom. Faith in the living God breeds contagious courage and helps children avoid falling into the common trap of an identity crisis. We are living in a day when the lines between convictions and preferences are becoming more and more blurred. Our job is to ensure the distinction between the two remains clear as we work to pass down our faith to the next generation.

The writings and resources we share are designed to help families build on what is true, rather than what is simply acceptable. Check in regularly for resources, practical reminders, and ideas that will help you do the same. We pray that as you seek to put God first, HE will grant you and your family a life marked with good success.

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