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About Us


Raising The Next Generation of  Servant Leaders!

 JosiahKids is a nontraditional youth development nonprofit organization committed to the mission of raising the next generation of servant leaders. From September through April, JosiahKids hosts a myriad of educational classes and events that include quality guest speakers, community service events, panel discussions, educational workshops, and leadership classes in a faith-based environment for young people between the ages of seven and 18.

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Our Story

Newton and Marlene Maina founded JosiahKids because they deeply believe that every child deserves to cross the finish line of childhood, loved, supported and empowered to make a meaningful life, as well as a meaningful difference. JosiahKids Incorporated opened its doors on September 15th, 2018 in Buford, Georgia as a simple neighborhood classroom with eleven students in their dining room. Today JosiahKids has grown into what we now know as The School of Young Leaders, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the mission of educating, empowering and equipping young students and teens in the local community in the areas of faith, leadership, community service, and the arts.

meet the team

Marlene Maina - Profile Photo (BW)_edited.jpg

Marlene Maina
CEO & Founder

Newton Maina - Big Smile (December 2018)_edited.jpg

Newton Maina
CFO & Co-Founder

Sharae Stackhouse - Profile Pic.jpeg

Sharae Stackhouse
Program Director

Lorraine - Thumbnail.jpeg

Lorraine Ongwenyi
Administrator & Legal Counsel

Rakan Dabbas - Profile Pic.jpeg

Rakan Dabbas
Youth Specialist 

Communications Lead

Aniya Cardell - Profile Pic.jpeg

Aniya Cardell
Youth Specialist
Creative Arts Instructor

Nicole Maldonado - Profile Pic.png

Nicole Maldonado 
Youth Specialist

Creative Arts Instructor

Jenecia Kissoon - Profile Pic.png

Jenecia Kissoon 
Youth Specialist
Creative Arts Instructor

Nayeli Maldonado - Profile Pic.png

Nayeli Maldonado
Youth Specialist

Creative Arts Instructor

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