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Since September of 2018, we have asked you to join us on the mission of educating, empowering, and equipping young students and teens in our local community in the areas of faith, leadership, community service, and the arts. Thanks to your belief in our work and your generosity—we are doing just that. We cannot thank you enough for the families you have helped us elevate!

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Thank You Mission Investors

Other Ways To Give


We are always in need of volunteers of time, talent, and even in-kind donations. Board membership, joining a committee or serving our students directly are all tangible ways you can help us advance our mission. Please visit our volunteer page to see what kind of help we need. We would love to hear from you! Email us at:


Our Corporate Sponsors are integral partners who help us fulfill our mission of raising the next generation of service-minded leaders.  Your commitment to support JosiahKids as a business will immediately contribute to the building of healthy families and stronger communities. Do your business values align with ours? You may email us at: 


The Buford Harvest is JosiahKids' Annual Outreach event designed to bring the community together in a spirit of joy and togetherness. This is the event that allows our students to showcase all the hard work they have put in all year long in presentations and performances of music, choreography, poetry, spoken word and much more. For more information, you may email us at:


We are currently in dire need of office and meeting space conducive to the vast programs we offer. If this dream resonates with you as an investor looking to leave a meaningful inheritance for the next generation, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us at:


Our monthly donors are valuable givers who have expressed their heartfelt belief in what JosiahKids is doing. The consistent monthly gifts given to JosiahKids do tremendously help to alleviate the burden of fundraising, allowing us to give more focus to the actual work of empowering and elevating our youth. This is one of the best ways individual contributors can help us meet our operating budget. You may reach out to us at:


We are not just faith-based. JosiahKids is founded on a deeply personal relationship with the Living God—in whose character, our faith and reliance are entirely dependent. We wholeheartedly believe what Jesus taught, that (without Him we can do nothing) and therefore one of the most important ways you can support our work is to regularly keep us in prayer before God. Pray that God's will concerning JosiahKids will be fulfilled upon the earth just as it is in heaven. Pray that the LORD will send us help from His sanctuary and grant us provision and support from Zion (Psalm 20). Pray that He will use JosiahKids as the birthplace of the next great awakening!!! Pray that HE will mend our children and heal our land. For these and many more prayers, we would be sincerely grateful.


The Passover seal in our logo is a significant reminder that God will go through great lengths to preserve the lives of those in desperate need. Not every student at JosiahKids is able to afford the cost of the program. Thanks for keeping these families in mind regularly and remembering to sponsor them. God's heart beats for the lost, the least, and the last. Your kindness keeps you near and dear to Him. If God has so blessed you, please reach out to sponsor a student by emailing us at: Thank you!

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