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24/25 School Year

The enrollment window for the 2024/2025 school year opens on June 15th, 2024

The cost of our program for the 2024/2025 School Year is $350/per student, for the entire school year.

An application must be completed, along with a waiver, behavioral agreement, and a minimum deposit of $100.00 per student. A five (5) month payment plan of the balance is available for families in need of one.

2024/2025 School Year

Below you will find a complete list of all the areas of development we will offer in year seven. A detailed calendar, schedule, and a list of the classes and workshops we're offering can also be downloaded for your review below.

▪ In Year 7, we will lead with prayer!
▪ Discipleship for our elementary, middle & high school students
▪ Educational workshops for both our students & parents
▪ Performing arts classes
▪ Oratory & public speaking classes
▪ Community outreach events
▪ The Buford Harvest; our annual end-of-year ceremony

Partners: Empowered by OBRIA
Partners: Revved Up Kids
Partners: Unlocked Greatness

Dress Code & Merchandise

To meet our dress code guideline, every JosiahKids student is required to be in a black JosiahKids shirt or hoodie each time we are in session. When paying your tuition, you will be given the opportunity to place your merchandise order in the quantity and sizes you need. Remember our dress code guideline is part of our security measures, and therefore not optional.

Short Sleeve Shirt $12
Long Sleeve Shirt $15
Black Hoodie $30
Printouts & Binder $3
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