Fall 2021 Program

For the 2021/2022 School Year: Our students will be categorized into a lower and upper school—allowing us to offer more developmental opportunities to our older students, while appropriately meeting the needs of our younger students. Our lower school students will focus on BIBLE/FITNESS curriculum, while our upper school students focus on BIBLE/BUSINESS.

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Upper and Lower School Students

An in-depth study of the Bible will be offered to (all) students from 9am – 10am. In person upper school students will learn jointly with our lower school students during this hour, and then separate for business and fitness. Each student is required to purchase the textbook - The Bible Made Easy for Kids by Dave Strehler (Amazon), and a Bible they understand.

Our recommended Bible: The Discoverer's Bible for Early Readers— NIrV Large Print (Amazon)


Upper School Students

JosiahKids has partnered with Youth Entrepreneurs (EMPOWERED) to teach a Business Entrepreneurs curriculum that will help integrate principled entrepreneurship into the lives of our upper school students. The business curriculum is taught from a foundation of 8-strong values, a classroom economy full of character building hands-on activities, experience with currency, auctions, and a capstone market day (open to the community) at the end of the school year.

Two business professionals from Bain and Company will teach this curriculum for the duration of the school year.

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Lower School Students

We have partnered with Amazing Athletes of Greater Atlanta to offer a game-based P.E. sports program to engage our lower school students in active wellness through advanced physical fitness challenges and interactive sports lessons. Our Lower-School students will participate in the Fitness track immediately following the Bible hour.


Upper & Lower School Students

In preparation for our 2021 Buford Harvest and Annual Youth Leadership Awards Ceremony, select students will be given the opportunity to enroll in dance and music classes with Miss Jenecia in preparation for the Harvest. Enrolled students will stay one extra hour 12-1pm for dance. Attendance is required to qualify for the final performance in the fall.

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