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In C.S. Lewis’ words “Joy is the serious business of heaven”. This also is true of our Dance and Choreography program. We are serious about joy and we are even more serious about dance. The theme of JOY resounds and echoes throughout all our programs at JosiahKids, yet none more than our dance program. JosiahKids’ dance arrangement is a contemporary dance program where we create, perform and present compelling, uplifting dances from all over the world. Our program is designed to express the overwhelming joy that we have found in our passionate affair with the living God—YAHWEH~! Our desire is to inspire our students to lose all insecurities and barriers that hinder an unrestrained—fervent engagement with music and movement. Inspired by King David and his wholehearted ground-shaking dancing before God, we are committed to offer music and movement that heals and repairs the soul. Our choreography and dance programs are intentionally designed to reconnect our youth to who they were meant to be (God’s image bearers) and to restore the courage, confidence and genuine joy needed to flourish.

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