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One of the most fundamental premises of JosiahKids is the continued reminder to our students that they are made in the image and likeness of God. This means that their ability to be creative, produce original ideas, be artistic, build, imagine, innovate and create, is boundless. Our creativity and inspiration programs are designed to nurture and ignite a youthful environment where our students can cultivate a spirit of resourcefulness and grow in the areas of fine arts and innovation. Whether a student wants to explore making a set of earrings, painting a masterpiece, designing an affordable alternative to solve for society’s need, or if a student simply figures out what he or she can make and sell to help the needy—this program is offered to help inspire, spark and celebrate the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in our children while exposing them to thought-leadership.


Fundamentals of Public Speaking

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Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Marlene Maina

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