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Our oratory and public speaking program is designed to help students grow into skillful communicators. No matter what area of life your child may be destined to grow into—becoming an effective communicator is essential to their success. Judges, CEO’s, Presidents, Teachers, Media personalities, Pastors are all but a few of the many careers that require effective communication. JosiahKids offers a program designed to shape and develop children who have a natural love for words, poetry, storytelling, public speaking, giving effective presentations and growing into skilled communicators. Our program is fully faith-based, offering children exposure to mastering and memorizing psalms, proverbs, poems, parables and literary pieces which our students polish and practice presenting before their peers. The program offers opportunities for student-led devotions and reading Bible stories to an audience of teachers and fellow students. This gives just the right platform for valuable feedback. Our guest speakers range from (authors, lecturers, poets, teachers and creative songwriters) to help inspire our students and provide the exposure needed to know just what is possible and within their reach.

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