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Our Bible classes offer much needed depth, but are intentionally taught with simplicity, passion and clarity to benefit children, new believers, and even seasoned believers looking to deepen their understanding of God and His written Word. Our Bible classes are filmed, edited and broadcast in episodes designed to reach families from all walks of life who desire a solid biblical foundation, but lack the means. We believe in building a solid brick-by-brick biblical foundation for each of our students beginning with the most basic exercise of how to locate a verse in the Bible, to the intermediate but critical truths of how to properly approach the God of the Bible— (reverence, faith and expectation) followed by a precept by precept study of the Bible. Episodes of the classroom can be found on our JosiahKids YouTube Channel.

We partner with local communities, seminaries and churches to ensure that our program includes a practical field-based dynamic hands-on spiritual formation that can be fully lived out and applied.

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